Mobile Crusher

1. The device includes a main feeder with silo, a jaw crusher, a vibrating sieve, two secondary cone crusher, sand washing machine and all material conveyor belts, electrical cabinet and power cables have been installed in one chassis.
2.  The approximate length of devices is 17 meters when tapping and 8 meters in Width And with a height of less than 3 meters and In an area of about 150 square meters To be installed and All machines shipped in a container truck But in similar cases at least 2000 meters of land and five container is required
4.The device does not require a concrete foundation
5.Device does not need a big truck and with a skid steer or tractor exploited
5. Does not require large power generators and with 65 kW and the cost of fuel is a quarter of similar types .
6. The entire device is less than 4 hours of installation
7. Resistance this devices machine is designed for the toughest type of stone.
8. Daily maintenance service in less than half an hour but in Similar devices require at least 3 hours' daily service
9. The total number of personnel Including the driver skid steer loaders are 2 peoples but in Similar devices is 4 peoples.
10. Due to the small size of the device in a hall with an area of 150 square meters can be launched and at the end of the hall door is locked.
11. The amount of output per 8-hour shifts at least 200 to 600 tons
12. The cost per course of replacement parts is better than similar devices
13. It is because of the crusher specific with minimal dust and pollution compared to similar types of works Therefore easily be used near residential areas.
14. Similar examples at home and abroad, and Asia Crusher is the only manufacturer in the world.
16. According to the investigation, the return on investment in less than 6 months and more profitable devices for consumers.

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