ASCOHS7 crusher models according to their structure has the advantages of high production asphalt and concrete materials is pretty standard for use.
Electric motor power of 75 kW or 100 hp, which has a separate chassis and is adjustable.
Remote is 600 rpm.

4-manganese steel hammer Resistance to abrasion as well as 4 pieces each weighing 5/109 kg and rotor blade guard to prevent chafing near the hammers, 4 pieces form a wedge to keep it became better and safer hammers and 4 pieces as a mechanical barrier to prevent hammers out of his seat.

3-blade rotor blades of steel and 60 mm thick.

Size bearings (Roller Bearing 22324KH)

Sheet thickness 12 mm body that grabs dams or liners to a thickness of 50 mm on it is closed.

Foley head machine shaft with a diameter of 620 mm and 5 is the belt B.
Foley motor head with a diameter of 250 mm.

Shaft diameter of 150 mm and of devices (42 Cr Mo40)

Thorn device is no conflict shaft and shaft couplings by the rotor blades are in effect

The possibility of rejection is almost zero free-spinning shaft.

the tool is used.

Screw jack device for opening and closing the trunk is high time to replace parts casting.
Other facilities include: Shooting under-screws with rubber sizing

Size materials, is from 50- 200 to 25% of incoming materials when output size

is 0-6 mm.

The maximum stone size 200 mm input.

Laying of the foundation height 2375 mm

Width 2400 mm chassis

Length 2164 mm chassis

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