According to the above structure has advantages in the production of materials for use in asphalt and concrete is completely standard.

Electric motor power of 110 kW or 150 hp, which has a separate chassis and are adjustable.
Remote is 540 rpm.

4-manganese steel hammer Resistance to abrasion as well as 4 pieces each weighing 186 kg and to maintain better and safer 4 pieces as a mechanical barrier to prevent the hammer out of his seat.

5-blade rotor blades of steel and 85 mm thick.

Size bearings (Roller Bearing 22330KH)

The body of 15 mm thick plates that grabs dams or liners a thickness of 50 mm on it is closed.

Foley Bush administration and the shaft diameter is 700 mm and 8 belts C220.
Foley motor head with a diameter of 260 mm.

Shaft diameter of 180 mm and is made of the device (42 Cr Mo40)
Thorn device is no conflict shaft and shaft coupling with the rotor blades by These are in effect ruling out the possibility of free rotating shaft is almost zero.
Anvil mounted on the lower and middle parts casting machine may fail in a way that provides greater material output of the crusher,

The device has a hydraulic jack with a complete unit for opening and closing the trunk is high time to replace parts casting.

Other facilities include: Shooting under-bolts sizing concerned with bumpers - Electro - straps.

The maximum stone size 350 mm input.

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