سندباد ماسه شوی بدون نیاز به آب است و تنها با جریان هوای داخلی خاک را از ماسه جدا می کند.
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 Waterless Sand Classifier


Centrifugal Force by Whirlwind Without Water


Different materials after entering the feed opening on the rotating distribution plate fall. Centrifugal force causes them flying toward the lower distribution openings.
Based on ASTM standard publication 101 Ministry of Roads and Urban Development as well as Iran, grains of sand in terms of size between 200 mesh (0.074 mm) and 4 mesh (4.76 mm) is called.



  • Low energy consumption
  • Lowest capital cost: no auxiliary equipment, such as cyclones, process dust collectors, air locks, and system fans, are needed
  • Fine classification of 100 to 400 mesh (0.149 to 0.037 mm) materials
  • Consistent High-quality product: external adjustment for variation in feed material
  • Various capacities

Device Settings:

1. Change the input load

2. By changing the rotational speed of the main shaft

3. Change the flange under internal fan

4. fixed blade change

5. shift internal fan blades


Device Limitations:
1. Moisture less than 2% of its best efficiency.
2. The maximum input grain is 5 mm.